GDC row: IDA-JK Chapter tries to play spoil sport

Srinagar: The Indian Dental Association’s (IDA) J&K Chapter Thursday, in a bid to undermine the enquiry and influence the striking students said that there was some indication that the government might take some harsh measures against the agitating students of the Government Dental College (GDC). The remark came even as the matter pertaining to the students protest is being enquired. 

“IDA is looking forward that the agitating students should now come on a negotiating table and solve the problem amicably,” IDA’s J&K Chapter said in a statement.

IDA J&K, while warning that they (students) will have to face the music if they failed to do so, said “otherwise the academic statue of the students may get hampered, as there is some indication that the government might take some harsh steps,”the statement added.

Pertinently, the government on Tuesday ordered an enquiry into the mess that has been hampering the functioning of the college as well as the hospital as the agitating students are demanding immediate removal of head of the department, Orthodontics Dr Muhammad Mushtaq.

While saying that there were ‘outside’ hands  that were trying to aggravate the situation, IDA J&K said  “it is hereby requested and suggested to agitating students to think twice, as some agencies are adding fuel to the ongoing strife for their personal benefits.”

The timing of the IDA’s statement is seen to be aiming at influencing the enquiry, as the sources said that the Association is actually trying to shield some people within the administration by influencing the process of enquiry initiated by the Ministry of Health and Education.

While talking to ‘Kashmir Vision,’ State Secretary, IDA J&K Dr Javaid Qanungo, while standing by the Association’s statement, said that it was seeking the resolution of the problems amicably, and they (students), by falling into the hands of some ‘outsiders’ are only adding fuel to the fire,” he said.

However, DDC Srinagar, Dr Abid Rasheed Shah, who is also the enquiry officer, while talking to ‘Kashmir Vision,’ said that his office was all set to file its interim report to the government along with recommendations on Friday.

“I will be submitting the interim report anytime on Friday to the government along with the recommendations,” he said.

After hearing all the parties we have prepared the report, aimed at safeguarding the career of all the youngsters whose studies are at stake, he said.

“They (striking doctors) are our kids and we won’t let their career to be ruined, we are here to restore the atmosphere of tranquillity in the college,” DDC added.

Pertinently, the striking doctors at GDC are observing strike for last seven days now, demanding resolution of their demands which includes termination of Dr Muhammad Mushtaq.

Dr Muhammad Mushtaq, who allegedly has been torturing the Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate students mentally as well as physically, which, from making them wash his car, includes making them pick and drop his relatives to the airport. Some of the PGs and UGs allegedly have also been physically manhandled several times, prompting students to observe an indefinite strike.


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