Matador and bus operators have turned traffic rules into joke: IG

Jammu: Inspector General of Traffic Police Basant Rath Thursday asked the state Transport Department to take appropriate steps to end violations of rules and regulations by matadors and bus operators.

In a letter to Transport Commissioner of Jammu and Kashmir, Rath said the offenders have turned traffic rules into a joke.

I am more than 33 days old as IG Traffic here. These are my observations regarding the way matador and bus operators have turned provision of the MVA, traffic rules and regulations into an everyday joke,” Rath said.

Most of them have absolutely no respect for route permits that they have been given by the government authorities, he said adding this practice must stop forthwith.

They have no notion for bus stops and no halt areas. They are stopping every 100 meter and every five minutes,”.

The IG further said that most of the bus and matador operators have illegally modified the sitting arrangements to accommodate more passengers and facilitate overloading.

The officer asked the transport commissioner to take appropriate steps to put an end to these practices.

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