Education department ‘fails’ to learn lessons 

Srinagar: “To err is human”, the verse is always quoted to justify one’s mistake if done intentionally or unintentionally. But when it comes to transfer of teachers in school education department, the quotation ‘bites the dust’ in embarrassment.

This year again, there is no end to the errors in transfer of teachers for which the process was started in December last and is supposed to be culminate in the last week of February.

This year, the department had decided to finish all the transfers in third week of February, before the culmination of winter vacation “to avoid disturbances in academics in educational institutions given the reshuffle of teachers.”

However, if top sources are to be believed, the authorities have again committed some big blunders while reshuffling the teachers who had a mature stay of above three years in a particular school.

“This year we are again facing problems as a teacher has been posted at two places and which has created confusion among the teacher and zonal authorities as well,” an official said, wishing not to be named.

Explaining further, the official said a teacher has been shifted from third (hard) zone after spending over two or three years while as another teacher who is to be shifted for his replacement has got two orders.

“In one order he is directed to join a school in third zone in place of the transferred teacher while as in the second order the same teacher has been transferred to a school in the same zone where he has been working,” the official said.

The officials however said the number of such cases is less than the “flawed” orders which were issued during the “mass reshuffle” of teachers last year.

The official however, attributed the doubling of transfer orders to the change in proposals made at zonal and district level by concerned Zonal Education Officers (ZEO) and Chief Education Officers (CEO).

“The authorities in directorate have made some changes in the transfer proposals made by ZEOs and CEOs which has probably created confusion and teachers were posted at two places,” the official said.

He said the concerned ZEOs and CEOs are working on the issues to rectify the errors and streamline the process before reopening of schools post winter vacations.

“The number is not huge and can be rectified,” he said.

Director School Education Kashmir (DSEK) G N Itoo said the department has received information about some mistakes and errors made in transfer of teachers which will be rectified in coming days.

“We are working on it and ascertaining the reasons for these errors. We will resolve the issue and teachers will be posted in their schools conveniently under the new transfer process,” he said.

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