NITI Aayog report points loopholes in funds release


Srinagar: The NITI Aayog’s statement about Jammu and Kashmir being one of the ‘improved’ states in terms of Healthcare Index notwithstanding, the state has been placed in ‘deteriorated’ category when it comes to transfer of funds from the State treasury to the implementation agencies.

The NITI Aayog report, while giving details about the number of days taken for a fund transfer says that the state of J&K has been placed in ‘Deteriorated’ category, while as Bihar is placed in ‘Most Improved’ category in terms of funds transfer. The number of days taken in fund transfers has considerably improved in Jharkhand.

Elaborating, the report says that during the Base Year (2014-15), it used to take 97 days to transfer funds from the state treasury. However, the number of days went high to 107 days for the Reference Year (2015-16), thus making the state to fall in ‘Deteriorated’ category.

On the contrary, in Bihar, it used to take 135 days for transferring the funds from the state treasury to the implementation agency for the Base Year, however, the number has come down drastically to just 35 days for the Reference Year, placing it in ‘Most Improved’ category. Somewhat similar situation has been observed in Jharkhand where the number of days in transferring funds has come down to 67 from 140 days.

While commenting on NITI Aayog’s report, President Doctors Association of Kashmir (DAK), Dr Suhail Naik said it is the effective governance and timely allocation and sanction of funds that actually make any system work in an efficient way.

“We may be improving, but the loopholes that have been pointed out in the report are to be addressed immediately, as they are the building blocks of any system, and here for the healthcare system of the state,” he said.

For Dr Naik, the state has been callous, first, in terms of allocation of funds and second, the effective, timely disbursement of the funds that are allocated.

“What happens is that once the state fails to utilise the sanctioned funds, it surely tells upon the functioning of the system, and ultimately the allocated funds lapse,” he said.

There surely are some loopholes, in terms of transfer of funds, and the government should address such issues as soon as possible, he added.

Dr Naik further said that the Health Department needs to be congratulated on whatever positive spots the report has highlighted, and at the same time, there is a lot that needs to be done, “people who are working wholeheartedly need to be appreciated and the loose ends are to be tightened,” he said.

If the state healthcare is doing well; it is because of hardworking doctors and paramedics who are doing their bit, despite facing a shortage of resources, he added.




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