KAS aspirants accuse PSC for ‘ruining’ their future

Srinagar:  Kashmir Administrative aspirants have accused Public Service Commission for putting them under tremendous stress by denying them enough time for sitting in the mains. Talking to KNS, many aspirants blamed the recruiting agency of ‘concealing ‘its ‘failures’ and playing with the carrier of the ‘students’ by announcing abruptly the dates of Mains. According to aspirants,

277 KAS posts were advertised in 2016 and prelims were conducted in March 2017. They alleged that there were more than 20 wrong answers in the official key which they said was leaked.
According to aggrieved aspirants, it was only due to persistent approach, the commission and the commission released a revised list of prelims ousting the 429 aspirants who were included in the first list. ‘’These 429 aspirants went to the court and the court directs the commission to allow them to appear in the main exams on ‘equal footing’ on 31st Dec. 2017.” Said the aspirants.
One of the aspirants told KNS that , the commission had not decided on it till filing LPA in the Double Bench challenging single bench order on 2nd February 2018. “On 7th February 2018 DB ordered the commission to abide the single bench order till the final judgment by BD. On 8th February the commission has notified these 429 aspirants to submit their forms along with all the documents within 2 days.” Alleged the aspirants. While questioning the intent of the commission the aspirants asked,
“Is it possible for us to do so when on 9th February Kashmir was closed on Separatists’ call and on 10th there was bank holiday. On 10 February, JKPSC extended the date of submitting the form till 12th February. Today is Sunday and how come Monday is enough for submitting the form when other aspirants were given 30 days to submit forms.”
“Isn’t it sheer injustice? They are expecting us to get ready for mains in just six days. Is it possible” asked one of the aspirants who added that PSC had thrown them into stress.
They said that aspirants were suffering from mental trauma due to the attitude of the commission. “Does this mean ‘equal footing’ as has been mentioned in court order.”
They appealed Chief Minster Mehbooba Mufti to intervene and said her intervention could save them from losing hope.
Public Service Commission Chairman Lateef u Zaman Deva could not be reached for his comments despite repeated attempts. (KNS)

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