Stay away from the institution of panchayat, AJKPC tells political parties

Srinagar: Asking all the political parties of the state not to poke their nose in the Panchayat elections, All Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat Conference (AJKPC) on Saturday said that Panchayats are merely a community institutions and not a political one.
In a day long executive body meeting of AJKPC held at Srinagar, the Panchayat Conference members passed a resolution and released a poster which reads that they have nothing to do with any kind of politics in the state and they will contest this election just to resolve their day to day issues.
The Panchayat Conference leaders warned all the political parties that if any one of them tried to politicize the institution of panchayat they will confront them.
Speaking on the occasion, Shafiq Mir chairman All Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat Conference said that no political party wants Panchayats and other local bodies because such institutions curtail and put check on their corrupt activities.
Mir said it is not separatists but these mainstream political parties who don’t want Panchayat elections because it curtails their role and interference.
He further said that unfortunately due to the irrelevant attitude of the society with elections a political mafia has taken over from top to bottom and they don’t want genuine people to come in such institutions.  
Endorsing this point of view Anil Sharma president of the organisation said that Panchayats are just local governing bodies and they should not be linked with any kind of politics.
“We have already lost our sixteen colleagues in the past five years because of these political parties and now we will not let any political party to politicize this institution. Making direct attack on the present government he said that this government has completely damaged all the institutions which is evident from the fact they amended this act irrelevant.

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