Medico bodies end logjam, reach out to govt

Srinagar: Doctors of the state are finally doing the talking, with representatives from different medico bodies, especially Doctors Association of Kashmir (DAK) along with Jammu and Kashmir Doctors Coordination Committee (JKDCC)—an amalgam of the major medico bodies in the state—initiating a process of talks with the government to press for their long standing demands.

The move seems to be quite a different, from what used to be done traditionally-issuing statements.

The representatives from JKDCC two days ago met Minister for Health and Medical Education Bali Baghat in Jammu. The members who were there to meet him seemed to be moved by the patient hearing the minister gave to them, and according to a member who was part of the delegation, “he assured that all the genuine demands will be looked into.

Dr Mir Mushtaq, Spokesperson JKDCC said that the meeting was fruitful and the issues like ‘caderization’ of medical staff and other specialists was discussed, “the long pending demands were discussed with the minister, who assured that the demands will be addressed soon,” he said.

DAK President, Dr Suhail Naik, while admitting that the move to reach out to the government should have been initiated long back.

He said that now that we have taken the initiative we are hopeful something positive will come out it.

“Yes, the exercise should have been carried out earlier, but now that we are on it, we are expecting good results,” he said.

Notably, the lack of communication between the doctors and the government, led to many issues cropping up. The prime being the planning and development of healthcare in the state.

The representatives of DAK also met the Finance Minister Dr Haseeb Drabu and pressed for pay anomaly and other issues related to the healthcare and particularly the doctors.

While speaking to ‘Kashmir Vision’ from Jammu, Dr Naik said they have finally taken up the way of dialogue to press for their demands, which they say, are aimed at making the existing healthcare more robust and efficient.

“We have been time and again proposing major policy shifts in case of healthcare in the state which, as of now, has been stretched to the limits, which are actually beyond its capacity. Now that we have taken up the initiative, it will surely bear fruits,” he said.

Pertinent to mention JKDCC is the only existing amalgam of medico bodies in the entire state, which has suggested major policy change in case of healthcare, particularly stressing on having a comprehensive healthcare policy.

While talking to Kashmir Vision, Dr Mir Mushtaq said that so far they are pressing up for the creation of additional posts in case of different specialities, where the current sanctioned posts are not enough to  cater to the needs.

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