Power minister should do some introspection, says Rana

Jammu: Stating that the functioning of power development department (PDD) was chocked between tenders and litigations, senior national conference (NC) leader and MLA Nagrota Davinder Singh Rana on Thursday asked the PDD minister to do some self-introspection over his performance of last three years.

Rana was speaking during the grants on PDD department in the Legislative Assembly.

“Please do a self-introspection to check your achievements of past three years. You must work on ground and deliver as well,” Rana told PDD minister Nirmal Singh.

“Your department has not even moved a single step ahead in generation, transmission and distribution of power,” he said.

Rana said speaking on power department was not battle between opposition and ruling party or about scoring points.

“My concern is about the department given its importance in public sector,” he said.

He castigated the government for transforming PDD into PDTD (Power DPR tendering department) and said the department should be dealt with utmost sensitivity.

“You have a good team and buck stops at your table. Check transmission and distribution. Government should give full support to power minister to overcome the crises in the department,” he said.

Earlier senior NC leader and MLA Khanyar Ali Mohammad Sagar questioned Nirmal Singh for making false promises of return of power projects and said the coalition turned Agenda of Alliance (AoA) into ‘agenda of atrocities’.

“You made promises that power projects will be brought back but you are not allowed to discuss on it in PMO. You should have not befooled people over it,” Sagar told Nirmal Singh.

“Inadvertently or advertently you have yourself admitted in replies to assembly questions that power situation is worse in the state,” Sagar said.

Sagar said the coalition government was leveling allegations on opposition parties because of its own incompetence to handle the situation they come across in the state. 

“We are genuine opposition but ironically you accused us of being involved in braid-chopping incidents. The reality is that you couldn’t trace the culprits,” Sagar said.

Sagar asked the government to shun away from leveling accusations on opposition and instead deliver on ground.

“As opposition leader I would be happy that you are facing problem but people are suffering due to non-availability of electricity. Give them electricity as promised by you,” he said.

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