LoC Trade: Traders peeved over reduction in agreed tradable items

Srinagar: The cancellation of 4 out of 21 agreed tradable items by Jammu and Kashmir government has invited sharp reaction from Salamabad Cross LoC Traders Union who have threatened to windup the business in case authorities don’t revoke their what they termed as ‘irresponsible and anti-traders’ order.

While addressing a press conference here in Kashmir capital Srinagar, Hilal Turkie, the president Salamabad Cross LoC Traders Union (SCLTU) said that traders engaged in LoC trader are dismayed by the actions of Trader Facilitation Officer (TFO) Customs and Quarantine Section over ban of four main items (Pistachio, Apple, Charmagaz and Anardana) out of 21 agreed tradable items.

 “The cancellation of these items has come as a shock to the LoC Trading community. Such reduction of items makes trade difficult, since the trade is barter and it is important to send and receive items to clear the balance among the traders across,” Turkie said adding that such reduction of items will reduce the business substantially and will bring the trade on the verge of closure.

 “If the authorities will not revoke this order, the traders will be forced to boycott the whole trade,” he threatened and added that they will boycott the trade from March 1st.

He said that SCLTU took up the matter with the authorities many time, but they seem to the disinterested and their attitude seem to be callous.

While hailing the government proposal of opening additional seven routes, Turkie said that such proposals will bear fruits only when authorities stop issuing anti-traders diktats.

 “We demand that a dedicated authority for management of LoC trade should be established to streamline and enhance this trade,” he said. (CNS)

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