Industrial sector proved a failure, say legislators

Jammu: The assembly on Wednesday witnessed noisy scenes after the legislators targeted the government over its failure to revamp the industrial sector in the state.

The legislators were speaking during the grants for industries and commerce department in the Legislative Assembly.

Speaking on the grants for the department, senior National Conference (NC) leader and MLA Khanyar Ali Muhammad Sagar said the Banking sector was responsible for failure of industrial sector of the state.

“Banking system is responsible for less growth of industrial sector in the state because the dreams which are sold by government to the youth remain confined to papers in the banks,” he said.

He said the young aspiring entrepreneurs are tossed from one table to another for releasing loans which don’t even exceed beyond one or two lakhs.

“On the other hand, industrialists from outside state are provided loans worth crores who later turn out to be big defaulters,” he said.

Sagar mocked at the functioning of the industries department saying that it would hardly matter for youth whether the grants of the department are passed or not.

“Whether you pass the grants or not it is one and the same thing as this department has not given anything to people,” he said.

Sagar said earlier some labor based small scale industrial units would get incentives which were stopped after implementation of GST in the state.

“Now, those small scale industries also got vanished due to ill policies of government,” he said, adding that government was piling up non-performing assets with each passing day.

“The problem with the government is that it has no clear idea about the industrialization,” he said.

He recalled that a portion of at Khanmoh was supposed to be provided to local youth to setup industrial units which however was taken back from youth within three months. “And the same was provide to the blue eyed industrialists,” he said.

Sagar asked the government to stop the officialdom and take its policies seriously for the benefit of educated unemployed youth.

“Due to influence of officials, the poor people are suffering and blue eyed take advantage of it,” he said, that finance minister should provide support the industry department to revive its units and make them functional.

“The situation on ground is like SICOP, which is an industrial unit, has become an executing agency and is building community halls now,” Sagar said.

Another NC leader and MLA Sonawari, Muhammad Akbar Lone accused the speaker of putting veils on industries minister for his in competencies to run the department.

“Earlier, a House committee was constituted for industries department which was headed by me, I submitted a report to you but the government didn’t take your consent and issued various orders for functioning of the department,” Akbar Lone said and accused the department of mocking at the sanctity of the Chair of the House.

“And you (speaker) still think there is nothing to say about this department,” Lone said.

He said the industrial sector was completely dead and all the units were running in loses.

“But I don’t blame you alone for this as our government could not revamp it properly. But JK cement was running in profit but the day you took the charge, this unit started running in loses,” he said.

Meanwhile, NC leader and MLA Eid Gah Mubarak Gul said the industrial policy formulated by the government in 2016 was not fit for the state.

“The policy should be modified on basis of the climatic conditions of all the three regions of the state,” he said, adding that government should provide a waiver on handicraft loans.

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