Bali Baghat misleading people: NHM employees 

Srinagar: The striking NHM employees said that the Minister for Health and Education has been misleading people by saying that the government has formed a committee to look into the matter and is considering the demands of striking health workers.

While talking to ‘Kashmir Vision’, Spokesperson, NHM employees union, Abdul Rouf said that the Minister has been misleading people by saying that the committee is looking into the matter.

“In actuality, the demands stands examined by the committee that was formed in March, and the mandate of that committee ended there, and if they have formed another committee to look into the implications of the regularization of the workers on the state exchequer, they should come up with an order stating the formation of such committee,” he said.

Earlier the government had said that the demands of NHM workers are being considered and the committee that was formed to look into the matter had recommended phase-wise regularization, which is the demand of the protesting health workers.

However, the government claim is being contested by the employees union, saying that in actuality, no committee has been formed, “it is just to buy the time by employing delaying techniques,” he said.

The committee, which as per government is looking into the phase-wise regularization, involves members from Finance department and General Administration Department (GAD).

“At least come out with the names of the members of that committee that the government is saying has been formed,” he added.

On Thursday, as a means of protest, the NHM employees burned their certificates, and extended their strike till January 24. “We burned down our certificates yesterday, next time we will be forced to take harsh measures if our demands are not met till January 24,” the spokesperson added.

It is for the first time that the doctors are on streets for more than a month now, and ironically, the government is not paying any heed to their demands, which are just, he added.

He, however, was quick to add that healthcare in peripheries has suffered badly due to the strike. “We are left with no option but to go on strike, in order to press for our demands,” he said.

Notably, the indefinite strike of NHM workers has affected the working of health care system, particularly in rural areas, where the regular staff is compelled to work for extra stretches, taking a toll on the efficiency of the system.

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