Sikh group plans to ban Indian officials from entering Gurudwaras

London: A prominent Sikh group in the UK wants to ban Indian officials from entering Gurudwaras, alleging that they are “interfering” in the internal matters of the Sikh community.

“Sikhs in the diaspora are fed up with Indian Government officials and their agents increasingly interfere in our institutions and Sikh affairs, undermining of Sikh campaigns for greater rights and internal matters for the Sikh community,” said Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK).

Indian authorities also target Sikhs from the diaspora when they visit India, Singh said, citing the case of UK national Jagtar Singh Johal who was arrested for his alleged role in targeted killings in Punjab.

Johal, who got married last month, was apprehended from Jalandhar in connection with the target killing.

The draft declaration by the UK’s Sikh Federation being considered states that anyone in their personal capacity can pay their respects to the Sikh Holy Scriptures. (PTI)

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