JeM militants used armour piercing bullets in Lethpora attack: Report 

New Delhi: Security agencies in the trouble torn state of Jammu and Kashmir have been baffled by the reports that militants have for the first time used bullets that pierced the body armour of the troopers, thereby posing a new challenge for the security grid.

Notably, the three militants who carried out Fidayeen attack in Lethpora on December 31 had used bullets that pierced the body armour of the troopers, India Today reported.

This is for the first time that such bullets have been used in any militant attack across India, the report said.

Interestingly, the rounds proved fatal for one CRPF personnel as the bullet pierced his bullet proof shield.

“The bullet pierced the shield and hit him. Though the CRPF personnel killed the attacker, we lost one man,”  CRPF Inspector General  Ravideep Sahi was quoted by India Today .

The hardened steel penetrator, encased usually in a copper jacket, in such bullets is a pointed mass of high-density material which retains its shape and strikes the target with maximum energy, the report said.

The CRPF personnel were surprised when the bullets penetrated the heavy metal bunker vehicle, widely used during such encounters.

“In fact, one of the bullets penetrated the bulletproof Gypsy of the Assistant Commandant hitting a CRPF personnel” the report said.

Pertinently, in the attack, three militants and five CRPF men were killed. 


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