Sweepers of Lal-Ded hospital asked to leave after serving the hospital for 14-20 years

Srinagar: ”Is it a reward for our sincere and faithfull services for 14 to 20 years that we are being asked that our services are not needed any more”? asked contractual sweepers of  Lal-Ded Hospital who staged a protest demonstration in Press Enclave here.

 “We are being asked that our services are not needed any more after serving the hospital for 14 to 20 years”, the agitating employees including a sizable number of female employees told reporters.

They said they are demanding regularization as per the government announcement that 60,000 casual labourers and employees working on contractual basis would be regularized.

 “We have put in more than 14 years service. We are 44 persons and have been serving the hospital for the past 14 years. Some of us are working for 20 years. We are sweeping and cleaning the floors. But it’s so unfortunate that we are being told by the authorities to leave now after 14 years,” said a protester.

 “We have knocked every concerned door for help,  but in vain”, they said with tears in their eyes.

Another protester said: “we were only given Rs 2300 per month while standard labour rate is Rs.4500 per month. (Kashmir Wire)

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