Geelani opposes Triple Talaq bill, calls it ‘unjustified’

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Monday termed the triple talaq bill and allowing Muslim women without ‘Mehram’ as ‘unjustified’ and interference with the religious matters of Muslim community, stating that it is also an affront to the Muslim Personal Law.

Criminalizing the instant divorce practice and making it punishable offence is condemnable, Geelani as per a statement issued here said.

He said that altering and inducing amendments without taking into consideration the Islamic jurisprudence is sheer violation of Islamic practice.

Geelani expressed his deep concern and voiced serious reservations over provisions of the bill. He said that bill passed in Indian parliament were tantamount to ‘infringement’ on rights of Muslim community in India.

Interference in religious matters is unacceptable, saying it has proved beyond doubt that BJP, RSS and Shiv Sena like ‘fanatical factions’ are promoting their specific and biased dogma and while ignoring the interests and trampling the rights of other communities, are hell-bent to proclaim India as Hindu Rashtra, Geelani added.

“They are following their hidden agenda and their nefarious designs stand exposed as they are desperate to change fundamentals of Islam as per their will and wish,” he said.

“Islam is emerging as popular faith and the new generations particularly the youth are embracing Islam as their faith, thus they feel frustrated,” said Geelani while referring to BJP and RSS led regime in New Delhi.

Appealing OIC for their cognizance, Geelani urged to take serious notice of undue and uncalled interference by these ‘fanatical and bias’ minded forces.

Geelani called for establishing a unified command council to sort out minor differences without altering the basic norms and fundamentals of Islam.

He expressed his anguish and surprise, saying that it is quite strange that a fanatical regime is altering and changing the discourse of our faith, and added that no power on earth can change or alter these divine directives and every Muslim is obliged to follow Sharia and submit his will before the commandments of Holy Quran and Sunnah.



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