Editorial: Hope filled new year

Srinagar: Another new year has started and for the people of Kashmir this new year has once again generated hope that the coming days and months will bring some better moment for all to cherish and live through.

However, the events that shaped up on the last day of year 2017 when two local boys stormed a camp in South Kashmir’s Lethpora area, were a grim reminder that the situation may not be any better. But, this stance is and can be easily termed as pessimistic, though this is a harsh reality.

The hopelessness that has at present engulfed the state, especially Kashmir Valley needs to be replaced by a sense of positivity and change and for this everyone among us has to contribute. Although, the onus lies on those who wield power but those without it, too cannot shed off the responsibility of letting an environment to thrive that bears encouragement and change for everyone.

As of now the situation on ground across the state is that of desperation. The mainstream political class seems unmindful of the people’s needs, to the extent that they have stopped identifying themselves with the general masses in Kashmir. For the separatists the situation too is not encouraging. They have been sticking to their guns as no initiative has been an all inclusive one-that could have compelled them to have a rethink on their adopted stand.

The only change which almost all have been clinching on is the appointment of the centre’s Interlocutor-Dineshwar Sharma. Though, the event cannot be viewed on a bigger canvas, given the limited role he has been authored with, but still one can be hopeful for this event as it can trigger off a bigger change and generate a bigger hope in the coming few days.

The events that have set off since Sharma took over his new role-give us a hope that he can initiate some measures and steps like the one he got implemented when the Union government announced an amnesty scheme for stone pelters. More than 4500 youth have been provided with hope-that a better future is awaiting them. The step has already kick started a chain of events where many more youngsters are coming forward and demanding their inclusion in the amnesty scheme.

This fresh ray of hope can be utilized to set off bigger events and decisions. What is the need of the hour is that the Union and the state government should conceive much better strategies to further the ray of hope and create an atmosphere where everyone or at least those who matter- can experience hope for their involvement.

It’s high time that hope replaces hopelessness and the new year brings better changes for everyone in the state.    

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