Health dept hiding facts on absent medicos

Srinagar: With Health and Medical Education Department, Friday terminating 8 absent doctors from their services, even after the department provided with them a chance to resume their duties through a notice published on 14 August this year, the cases of only 11 absentee doctors forwarded to the Health and Medical Education Department is raising eye brows.
As per a communication, issued from Health and Medical Education Department, the Directorate of Health Services had forwarded the cases of 11 doctors, who were on unauthorized absence from their duties, and did not show up even after many notices served to them.
Sources said that the list compiled has various deficiencies as the number of doctors who are unauthorizedly absent is quite high.
As per the communication received from the department, only 3 doctors joined back their duties after the notice was again published on 24 August this year and it was presumed that rest of 8 doctors were not interested in ‘serving the department anymore.’
“Whereas, Director Health Services, Kashmir vide letter No. Est/3/1-133/2843 dated 13.10.2017, intimidated that out of 11 unauthorized absent doctors only 03 have joined back in his office in pursuance to the said notice,” [sic], reads the order issued by Health and Medical Education Department vide order number 713-HME of 2017.
Notably, what sources are revealing, is that the number of doctors who are on unauthorized absence, is way more than 11.
“At least 60 doctors stand in the list who have been categorized under ‘unauthorized absence from duty,” ‘sources said, adding that the number 11 is just an eyewash.
Moreover, the termination of these doctors has further added to the physical vacancy of Medical officers, which, as per the data available with ‘Kashmir Vision’ is: 397, and will go to more than 400 after the termination order, creating more vacancies, to which the department, so far, seems not to be paying any heed.
When contacted Director Health Services Kashmir, Dr Saleem ur Rehman said that he was out of station and was not in a position to comment on the issue.
“I am actually out of station, I will talk to you once I am there,” he said.
“I will have to go through the order and will also confirm about the number of unauthorized absent doctors,” he added.
The eight doctors who have been named in the order are all Medical Officers, and have been named as: Dr Romana Masudi, Dr Tajali Nazir Shora, Dr Iqbal Rasool, Dr Bilal Ahmad Baba, Dr Mohammad Idrees Bashir, Dr Muzamil Ahmad Baba, Dr Imran Ahmad Gattoo and Dr Mohammad Hussian.
The order further states “Whereas, it was found the mentioned doctors have not joined their duties, despite the final opportunity having been provided to them, within the stipulated period and even have not submitted any reply in their defence, which shows that they are not interested in the serving the dept anymore.”


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