After Hizb warning, KU’s NSUI president resigns

Srinagar: President of Kashmir University, National Students Union of India (NSUI), on Sunday resigned, hours after Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Reyaz Naikoo named him in a new video released here.   

 “I, the president of NSUI Kashmir University, had taken the opportunity to help my fellow students regarding the issues related to academics and mess. I have no affiliation whatsoever with any political stand. Now I am resigning from this position immediately,” Syed Muneeb said in a statement issued to GNS. A student of law department of the varsity, Muneeb said that he has been active participant in student activism but was “unaware” about the NSUI.

 “Ever since I joined Kashmir University in 2016, I wanted to continue with the endeavour. Student politics, as we all know faces a blanket ban in Kashmir University, and other institutions for years now and keep this thing in mind I had joined NSUI but I was not aware about it,” he said.

He added: “While main stream political parties always try their level best to establish groups within campus, some days back, I, oblivious and without any knowledge, joined National Students Union which in others words was a grave mistake on my part and after taking surrounding situations and at a time when this is all happening in KU, my conscience can’t allow me to be a part of any such group. I therefore notify that I resign and declared that I bear no allegiance to this union henceforth.”

In a latest video, Hizb Commander said that the students of the Kashmir University form “backbone of the freedom struggle”.  “All most all the great scholars have come from Kashmir University and whenever there is any kind of atrocity on people anywhere in Jammu and Kashmir, protests are held in Kashmir university.  Whenever any Indian leader visits Kashmir, protests are held in Kashmir University and this aspect troublesome and painful to India as it exposes it,” Naikoo said.

  “The freedom loving students of Kashmir University remain focus of India and various attempts are made to take them away them from the cause. Under this endeavour, Indian political parties admit students in the university from time to time.” Naikoo said such students have two works to carry. “One is to keep them away from the protests and freedom struggle and other is to attract them towards their parties. Today NSUI works in Kashmir University and its role is to keep students away from freedom and attract them towards Congress.”     

  He urged students to give such attempts a befitting reply and “we ask those students who are part of NSUI to desist from it as soon as possible.”  “Otherwise, they will not get a chance to repent,” Naikoo said, adding, “we know who is working in the union (NSUI) and who is its president.

Our cadres are in the university and they not remain in impression that we don’t know anything.” Naikoo also urged parents to keep their wards away from such works. “Otherwise when we kill anybody, the parents say that my son was innocent, he was going university but they don’t know what their son was doing in the Kashmir university.”(GNS)

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