Editorial: New faces new approach

Srinagar: Governing a state like Jammu and Kashmir is an uphill task. Not because of some unusual traits of the state but due to the lack of political stability in the state. The state continues to miss out on governance front as the region stands no chance of being calculated as a developed region when compared to any other regions in the entire sub continent.

The peril of mis-governance has been the bane of Jammu and Kashmir since partition days and the major factors responsible for this dilemma has been the political instability and destabilization of political institutions.

This being the reason that the people have been seemingly losing their faith in the system as the lack of steadfastness of the local political leadership is giving them all the reasons to believe like this. However, the state cannot escape from the reality also that if at all it has to move forward then governance has to be strengthened to get the state from the deep morass it is trapped in right now.

The functioning of state governments has been pitiable since the past two years. Street violence has been so intense that most of the developmental plans have come crashing down. Every project that was to be completed in almost all the vital sectors is missing out on deadlines and the state is slipping back a few steps with every passing day.

The situation is such that establishments are become gossip sites and the disruptions with the routine work structure is leading to accumulation of public grievances. In short the mis-governance is causing unwarranted agonies to the people, which needs to be addressed immediately.

Now that the government has done a minor reshuffle the other day and the junior Mufti is all focused to leave a mark, which he himself claimed after being sworn in, it is high time for him and the entire government to come out with a plan to set things in motion.

Peoples needs and aspirations are unlimited and if the government takes on to itself to start afresh then things can work out in a positive manner. The ministers and the top officials in the administration can work in tandem and set things rolling.  

The administration can ensure that no diversion of funds on political considerations takes place, the delay in release of funds by the central government and consequent delay in completion of development works can also be taken care of so that no lapsing of funds and cost escalation takes place.

In addition the new faces in the government can pitch in with better and new ideas so that innovative measures are taken to provide the much needed relief to the common masses.


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