Maulana uses abusive language, threatens KV Editor

Srinagar: Hours after ‘Kashmir Vision’ published a report of a religious cleric, Akhzar Hussain being reinstated by the Wakf Board despite being found guilty in a sexual harassment case, the Maulana called up KV Editor and using abusive language threatened him of ‘dire consequences’.

“You have taken money to defame me as the case it a year old now. I know you people do these acts for making money and this is a bid to malign my name. I will take you to the court and sue your organization for damages,” he said.

However, the Maulana did not stop here. He used all abusive words which any decent person will think about a thousand times before uttering.

Notably, the inquiry committee which found the Maulana guilty said in their report that “The lewd remarks of the accused are so uncivilized and unbecoming of Imam-i-Jumma of a shrine that investigation committee shudders and shivers to reproduce them in the text of the report and thus chooses to lay its hands on recorded (audio) clip of the conversation (of the accused with complainant on phone).

So no regrets from our side. The Maulana is free to take any action, but we at ‘Kashmir Vision’ will uphold the truth and our commitment towards raising our voice against any wrong being committed. Because we are here to stand up!



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