Government teachers free to teach in coaching centres: Minister

Srinagar: Scotching rumours that government has imposed ban on teachers from teaching in coaching centres, Jammu  and kashmir government today clarified that there was no such ban on teachers.

“The teachers in the state can teach in coaching centres and there is no need to obtain prior approval from the government for the same as the government has not banned the practice”, state’s  Education Minister, Altaf Bukhari said today.

However,  he said  the teachers should not teach in private coaching centres during the office hours.

“ Other than that the government has no objection at all. Why should one halt the spread of knowledge,” Bukhari said clarifying that the government has not banned teachers from teaching in the private coaching centres.

Bukhari said apart from official hours, teachers can teach at any place whenever they want. “They don’t even need government’s approval for doing that.

It would be “insane” to tell teachers to get approval for spreading the light of knowledge. However, all they need to do is to just keep the government informed,” Bukhari said.

There were speculations that the government has imposed a blanket ban on the private coaching of government teachers and those involved in such practice would be dealt with seriously.

“No such order was ever issued. The Government has only asked the teachers not to teach anywhere except schools during the office hours. During winters, they can do so ,” the education minister said. (Kashmir Wire).

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