Er Rasheed leads protest march in Sgr, seeks Right to Self Determination

Srinagar:  An independent member of Jammu and  kashmir Assembly Engineer Abdul Rashid Sheikh today demanded “right to self determination” on both sides of Line Control to stop human rights violations in the state .

 “The only way to stop human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir is to give people of the state on both the sides of LOC right to self determination”, Rasheed told media persons before he was detained by police for leading a march on the international human rights day being observed throughout the world today.


He accused new Delhi  of misleading world community about all that what is happening in Kashmir only to maintain status-quo and give cover to state terrorism.

“Since past seventy years New Delhi has miserably failed in Kashmir mainly for the reason that it has tried to purchase the loyalty of Kashmiri leadership rather trying to address the issue in accordance with the promises made with them from time to time,” Rasheed .

He said “the World Human Rights Organizations need to be facilitated their entry to Kashmir so that truth comes out. While thousands have disappeared in custody during past thirty years, hundreds have been blinded, hundreds killed in fake encounters but unfortunately the state institutions have denied even nominal justice to Kashmiris as New Delhi has made it the central point of its policy to deny justice to Kashmiris.”

Rasheed said the world community should take notice of the fact that giving promotions, perks and privileges to government forces for killing and blinding Kashmiris has been the state policy of New Delhi since long.

Referring to the recent attack on Kashmiri prisoners inside Delhi’s Tihar Jail, he said“While Kashmiris are not safe in Jails the Human Rights Day should bring the focus on the miseries of people of Jammu & Kashmir.”

He said though Kashmiris are facing themselves worst form of state terrorism but they stand by the people of Palestine and are unanimous in rejecting Donald Trumps move to make Jerusalem as Israeli’s capital.


A spokesman of  AIP said hundreds joined the rally of his party to protest against what he called the” denial” of New Delhi to resolve seventy year long pending J&K dispute.

“People from all walks of life joined the march that started marching towards Lal Chowk from Jawahar nagar. Protestors were carrying play cards and banners and were chanting  slogans seeking an end to Human Rights abuses in Kashmir,” the spokesman said.



However, a heavy contingent of police led by S.P South stopped the procession near Raj Bagh and used force to disperse the protestors resulting in injuries to few protestors, the spokesman said.

 He said after the scuffle more than forty protestors including Er. Rasheed were arrested and taken to police station Rajbagh. (Kashmir Wire)


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