Muslims in India being killed like soft targets: Mirwaiz


Srinagar: A Seerat Conference organized by Awami Action Committee (AAC) was Wednesday held at Mirwaiz Manzil Rajouri Kadal in connection with the ongoing month of Rabi-ul-Awal, the month in which Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born.

According to the statement issued here, the conference was presided over by head of AAC and Hurriyat (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq while as prominent religious scholars, pro-freedom leaders and civil society activists, shed light on the life of great Prophet (SAW) which include Moulana Abbas Ansari, Muhammad Yasin Malik, Moulana Showkat Hussain Keng, Nazir Ahmed Rana of Jamaat-e-Islami, Rafiq Ahmed Owasi of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat led by Syed Ali Geelani, Moulana Khursheed Ahmed Qanoongo of Anjuman-e-Himayat-ul-Islam, Moulana Ali Akbar of Anjuman-e-Tableegul Islam, Muhammad Nayeem, a research scholar at the University of Kashmir, prominent Naatkhan Shabir Ahmed while as he seerat conference was moderated by Moulana M S Rehman Shams.

In his presidential address Mirwaiz said that at present entire Muslim world is gripped with manifold challenges and the reason is that “we are not following into the footsteps of revered Prophet Muhammad (SAW).”

He said enemies of Islam and Muslims across the world are hatching conspiracies by portraying Islam in a wrong way and the only aim to divide Muslims and to create a wedge among the Muslims across the world.

Mirwaiz said the only way to defeat the nefarious anti-Muslims designs and the conspiracies hatched by enemies of Muslims is to follow the teachings of Prophet (SAW) in true letter and spirit.

Mirwaiz made a fervent appeal to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), especially to Saudi Arab, Pakistan and Iran to forge unity and to take pains in resolving the multiple challenges being faced by the Muslims across globe and to pull out the Muslims from the miseries and pain inflicted upon them in various forms.

He said that as the Islamic world faces one of the most challenging times on all accounts in its history, the only way to overcome it is by unity among them, rising above sectarian divides and regional upmanship.

Mirwaiz said that the condition of Muslims in India is not different as they continue to be in minority and are locked in multiple challenges and problems even after 65 years of India’s independence. “Muslims in India continue to face threat of life and property and are still getting killed and maimed like soft targets,” he said.

He said each passing day Muslims in India are getting killed like animals and the role of judiciary is highly questionable in not being able to take cognizance of these gruesome incidents and putting a halt to it.

Terming the present prevailing situation in Kashmir as very fragile and sensitive, he said that Kashmir being the worlds’ highest militarised zone continues to witness unabated human rights violations in the form of innocent killings, harassment, torture, maiming and blinding of youth.

He said New Delhi continues its old rhetoric of muzzling the genuine voices of Kashmiris and crushing the sacred struggle with its military might but has failed to do so as the freedom sentiment runs deep in the minds and hearts of every Kashmiri citizen. He said all ploys aimed to crush Kashmir movement is destined to taste defeat.

Mirwaiz said that Kashmiri people have offered sacrifices in every form be that life, property, chastity of women and what not only for the end of forcible control.

He urged people to remain steadfast till the final goal is achieved.

Mirwaiz also took a dig at some elements hell-bent to create a sectarian divide in Kashmir and said moves wont yield any result as Kashmir is a vibrant and intelligent society now.

He also announced very soon, a crucial meeting of all the Ulema and religious scholars of Kashmir region would be convened to discuss the series of issues confronting people of Kashmir.

Speaking on the occasion, JKLF Chief Muhammad Yasin Malik said the unity among the pro-freedom leadership is like a bone stuck in the Dehli’s throat and all efforts are done to break this unity. He said the unity was forged for the larger interests of people of Kashmir and today we take a pledge that this unity won’t be allowed to weaken let alone breaking it. He said those trying to break it will face stiff resistance.

Meanwhile, speaking on the occasion, all the invitees paid rich tributes to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and termed his way of living the only road that would lead to success here and hereafter stating that the way shown by Prophet (SAW) is the ultimate way to achieve success in every sphere of life.


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