Operation against militants will continue, says Bipin Rawat

Srinagar: Indian Army Chief on Tuesday said that operations against militants in Kashmir will continue.

“Operations in Kashmir are going on continuously and we an improvement in the situation in the Valley. Such operations will go on,” Rawat told reporters on the sidelines of a ceremony at Suratgarh military station.

In an apparent reference to Pakistan, Rawat said that how the “neighbouring country” deals with militant organisation is their matter “but we will keep raising this”. We do not want that such organisations are promoted, he said.

He said that while it was upto the “neighbouring country” as to how it treats militant organisations but India will continue to raise the issue.

The army chief was at the Suratgarh military station in Sriganganagar district to present the President’s Standard to three regiments.

The Army chief presented the Standard to 87 Armoured regiment, 47 Armoured regiment and 10 Armoured regiment after a mounted parade which was attended by south western Army commander Lt Gen Cherish Mathson, Lt Gen P C Thimmaya general officer commanding of Chetak corps and other senior officers.

A formation of T-72 main battle tanks, the mainstay of Indian Armoured Corps, displaying might of the Army was commanded by Brig Praveen Chabbra, commander of Sand Viper brigade with Regiment contingent commanded by respective commanding officers.


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