‘Heating Curtailments’ : Patients shiver at LD hospital after heating hours ‘shortened’

Srinagar: Thought, power curtailment is the buzz word in Kashmir nowadays, authorities  at the Government Lalla Ded Hospital Srinagar have started ‘heating curtailments’ as the hospitals central heating system is kept functional only for five hours in the night—from 6-11 PM.

Insiders reveal that the hospital authorities are keeping the central heating system shut all through the day, and are making it functional only during the night and that too for few hours, adding to the miseries of the attendants and patients.

The hospital authorities, who are usually spotted sitting in air conditioned rooms, are saying that they are providing round the clock heating to the patients and attendants, and are making sure that a constant temperature is maintained in the hospital.

“Heating system is functional, however, we cannot keep heating facilities on for 24 hours, and we make sure that a constant temperature is maintained within the premises,” said Medical Superintended, Lalla Ded Hospital Dr Nazir Malik.

The claims of making sure that they are maintaining a constant temperature in the hospital fall flat, as a cabin separated for the duty officer, which is again situated in the hospital, is equipped with air conditioners, clearly stating that a constant temperature is not maintained within the hospital.

Insiders are countering the claims of the administration, saying that no constant temperature is maintained within the hospital and patients including attendants shiver, especially during the night.

“If there is constant temperature maintained within the hospital why is there a need of separate heating facilities in control room and other spaces reserved for medics,” insiders said, adding “at times the temperature inside even dips to sub zero.”

Pertinently, Lalla Ded Hospital is the only maternity care hospital in Kashmir and amid the absence of 24 hours heating system at the hospital, serious concerns are raised about the infant and maternity care at the facility.



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