PSA slapped on differently abled man, alleges Yasin Malik


Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik today said that execution of arbitrary laws like PSA on a differently-able person, is a glaring example of ‘mental bankruptcy’ of the rulers.

“How can a man who is not able to walk two steps on his feet be implicated in stone pelting cases and sent to jail on PSA,” Malik said in a statement issued here.

Terming repeated execution of Public Safety Act (PSA) on Tanveer Ahmad Waar, son of Muhammad Shaban Waar of old town Baramullah as ‘brazen act of hardheartedness’ of the rulers, their police and civil administration, Malik said that on Nov 27, 2017, he himself was arrested and shifted to central jail Srinagar.

“In jail he saw a differently-able person walking on sticks and thought that he may be in jail for some civil case. He was informed by other inmates that the person was not in jail for some domestic or civil case but for being involved with the resistance movement,” Malik said.

He said that after this he met this person who revealed a horrific tale of torture and apathy he had to go through at the hands of police and other forces from last one year or so.

“This differently-able person told me that he is by birth a handicapped person as polio had damaged his legs in early childhood. From that time he has not been able to walk even two steps on his foot. He was taken into custody by police on 21st September 2016 on the charges of pelting stones on occupational forces and oppressive police and despite being handicapped he was tortured severely in police custody. After about two months of illegal confinement, he was slapped with PSA and sent to jail,” Malik said.

Malik said that Tanveer challenged PSA in high-court and court quashed his PSA and ordered his release. “He was hoping to be released by police on court orders but suddenly was served with another PSA order and shifted to Kotbalwal jail from where he has now been shifted to central jail Srinagar and is languishing there,” he said.

Malik after hearing this tale of torture said that no sane person can accept this kind of apathy and shamelessness but the rulers and their police have stooped so low that they neither are able to see any differently-able person nor feel any shame while sending an ailing person to jail even from a hospital bed.

JKLF chief said that a person who has never walked two steps on his feet and is handicapped by birth is being kept in jail for stone pelting.

“We want to ask shameless rulers and their oppressive police and civil administration that how a person who moves with the help of support only can throw stones on occupational forces and oppressive police,” he said.

Appealing international committee of Red Cross (ICRC), amnesty international, Asia watch and other international human rights organizations to take note of these gruesome acts of human rights abuses, Malik said that in Kashmir young and old including differently-able people are being arrested and sent to jails on arbitrary laws like PSA and it is the responsibility of these organizations to take note of these atrocities and take steps to save innocent people from the wrath of Indian oppression. 

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