Official apathy: ReT teachers face misery as officials fail to release salaries

Srinagar: The J&K government has yet again failed to maintain uniformity in release of salary for Rehbar-e- Taleem (ReT) teachers, leaving the teaching community at the receiving end.

This time the government has failed to release the salary of ReT teachers recruited in the department under a centrally sponsored scheme- Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA).

The delay in the release of salary, official sources said is due to the failure of the government to maintain a separate budget for the teachers recruited under SSA scheme- for whom salary is released at the ratio of 90:10 by the government of India and state government respectively.

“The concerned chief education officers have mingled the number of ReT teachers recruited under state plan with the teachers who were recruited under SSA scheme. This created chaos at directorate level which caused delay to release the salary of SSA teachers,” an official said.

He said the issue was also raised in the recent meeting convened by secretary school education Farooq Ahmad Shah to review implementation of various schemes in the department.

In the meeting it was informed that the budget proposed by CEOs for salary exceeds the available funds in Project directorate of SSA.

“Suppose in a district there are only 37 ReT teachers who have been recruited under SSA scheme but the CEOs have put forth list of 157 teachers for their salaries. This confusion has delayed the release of salary to teachers,” the official said.

Amid the wrong doings of the government authorities, teachers have been put at the receiving end as they are yet to receive the salary for the month of October.

“Now government has to pay salary for October and November month as we have entered December month. We hope department will resolve the issue as early as possible,” a group of aggrieved teachers said.

State project director (SPD) SSA, Abdul Rashid War said they have asked all the Chief Education Officers (CEOs) to submit performa of all ReT teachers to segregate them from those ReTs who have been appointed under the state plan.

“We are reconciling the figure and it will take us few days to resolve the issue. Salary of SSA, ReT teachers will be released in shortest possible time,” he said

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