Industrial sector focused on growth, employment generation: Bhat


Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Government is taking tangible steps to address problem of unemployment in the state with renewed focus an Industrial growth. Vice Chairman Handloom and Handicrafts Corporations, Nizam-ud-Din Bhat said in the process the small-scale Industries will get a further push as sustained effort is being made for its added viability. He said employability of local art and craft is an acknowledged fact and government is aware of its importance. He said State’s Finance Minister is involved in a serious exercise reviewing the absorption of available finances and looking into possibilities of more support from Government.

He said recent measures taken by the government include making silk, Handloom, Handicraft and joinery items a focused component of Industrial policy, has earned appreciation from the public and private sector. “There is an increased engagement witnessed at grass-root with private dealers getting involved in planning and promotion of the local trade and commerce,” he added.

Bhat said chambers of Commerce and Industries from Jammu and Kashmir valley and organization like PHD camber of the state have a vital role to play in encouraging the promotion of art and craft and in generating interest among the youth to be beneficiaries of skills and tradition.

Bhat said along with government the trade unions and associations can change the discourse by allowing youth to Industrial sector for growth, employment and social empowerment, a positive trend is witnessed in this direction.

VC said scores of youth have already shown the way in Horticulture and Tourism sectors who availed incentives and innovative technologies to be partners in economic empowerment. “As new techniques or production and quality are revolutionizing areas like horticulture, floriculture, agriculture and sericulture, there is a greater allurement for involvement. Several entrepreneurs have raised the assets, enhanced their prestige and are becoming contributors to overall development hick is a healthy sign,” he said.

Bhat said that like in Horticulture, floriculture and Tourism activity in public and private sectors Handloom and Handicraft sectors are getting due attention. Things will further improve to attract business for the state in these sectors he hoped.

He said once all these productive sectors are made more viable, the opportunities for employment and added growth will become increasingly visible and potential for skill development will be channelized in right direction.

Bhat invited youth of the sate to make use of their experiences, talent and energy by availing avenues thrown open by government and by emulating the success made in private and public sectors He said as huge opportunities lie ahead for self-reliance we have to be the rightful beneficiaries for our own good.

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