Explore rich Mycological diversity available in the state: Guv to scientists


Jammu: Governor N.N. Vohra, Chancellor of the University of Jammu, inaugurated the National Conference on Fungal Biology: Recent Trends and Future Prospects and the 44th Annual meeting of the Mycological Society of India (MSI), at the University of Jammu, here today.

Governor complimented the University of Jammu and the MSI for organizing this important Conference and observed that high priority attention needs to be given for extensive researches in Mycology, to enable solutions to diverse challenges being faced in the agriculture, industry, health and other sectors. He urged the scientists to explore and gainfully exploit the rich Mycological diversity available in Jammu and Kashmir.

Governor observed that J&K is suited to the cultivation of varied varieties of myco foods, particularly mushrooms which have high medicinal and nutritional value. He urged the scientists and researchers in the University to collaborate with scientists in the State Agriculture Universities and enable large scale cultivation of mushrooms, which could secure high profits for the farmers. He emphasized that the progressive advances in Mycology would contribute to economic advancement of the farmers.

Governor stressed the need for a mission based approach for conservation of the bio-diversity, observing that the scientific community and the administrative apparatus need to proactively work together for evolving practical solutions to the serious challenges emerging from the phenomenon of global warming and climate change.

Governor expressed concern over the unusual climatic patterns and their  inimical effects on agricultural production and productivity. In this context he urged the State Farm and other Universities to evolve visionary projects for timely dealing with the arising challenges of climate change.

Referring to the Keynote Address of Prof. B.L. Jalali, former Director Research, Haryana Agriculture University, Hisar, Governor observed that we should pay heed to the arising warning signals and urgently forge national and international collaborations to evolve new varieties of seeds and plants which have the capability of withstanding the predicted fluctuations in climate. He noted that research in Mycology could be very useful in advancing our agricultural growth and developing techniques which could prove beneficial for meeting the challenges ahead.



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