After youth joins militant ranks, family and friends beg him to come back

Srinagar: After an ace footballer who joined the militant ranks last week, his family and friends took to the social media to urge him to shun militancy and come back home.

In a video which is doing rounds on internet, the mother of the newly recruit is seen crying and begging her son to come back to them.

Majid Khan is the only son of his parents and was considered to be ace goalkeeper of a local club in his home town Anantnag. According to the sources, Khan was a topper in the district in class 10 and 12.

According to the sources close to the Majid, he was influenced by his friend Yawar who joined militancy on 17 July and Majid was questioned by Government Forces, which agitated him.

“That was not the only time he was questioned or arrested. He was arrested several times for his role in ‘anti state activities.’

After Yawar was killed with government forces in South Kashmir, Majid wrote an eulogy on his Facebook profile.

“You and I will meet again, When we’re least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won’t say goodbye my friend, For you and I will meet again.” Khan wrote on Facebook on October 27.

On October 30, he wrote, “Take me as I am, or watch me as I go. I am here for a good time not a long time”.

Two days before he formally joined the Lashkar outfit on October 10, he wrote, “Haq hamara raza e moula…Rehbar hamara Rasool ul lah…Rah hamari jihad fee sabilillah.” (Our Righteousness … Our Leader is Prophet Muhammad, our Messenger … our lives are for Jihad in the name of Allah).

After the news of his joining the militant outfit broke on social media, his friends have repeatedly begged him to review his decision and come back to his parents.

“Dear Brother I Just Want You To Come Back. Just Come Back At least For Your Mother And Father. You Better Know They Only Have You And No One Else. Please Please Come Back,” wrote Faisal Yousuf, a facebook friend of Majid khan.

Another netizens Rahie Sadaf begged Majid to look after his parents and shun the path of violence. Sadaf wrote, “Khan Majid Today I saw your maa and abu they are completely broken please come back. Don’t leave your parents like that… Please zuw wapaa aa.(Please dear, come back) . You are the only hope of your parents they can’t take this separation. I swear by Allah I was not able to talk with them. When I saw tears rolling down from the eyes of your father and mother….Please Majid for sake of them please come back…we love you.”


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