MTV auditions: Youth aim to make it ‘big’ on the small screen

Srinagar: The world of entertainment seems to be catching the attention of the youth in the Valley. No wonder then that the youth were seen aiming to try their luck in the glamorous world of the small screen.

On Monday dozens of young boys and girls were seen making a beeline in the auditions that were held here reportedly, by MTVat the auditorium of the office of the Director Information.

The auditions organized here by Kahwa group were being held for the reality show ‘Date to Remember’ in which the juries from outside the state were selecting the local youth here.

Dozens of youth including boys and girls gave auditions in the auditorium during which they were given different tasks to prove their ability. The contestants on the sets were either asked to dance, sing or to do anything which would prove that they were ‘adventurous’.

The scene outside the auditorium was ‘full of activity’ as the youth in groups sitting in lawns of Information department were discussing about their auditions.

The youth were exciting for their auditions, preparing themselves to speak before the juries. 

However, majority of the youth claimed that they were not informed about the reality show prior to their participation. 

“We came to know that that auditions is being held for the reality show,” one among the contestant, Bilal Ahmad Rah told ‘Kashmir Vision’.

He said that everybody in the auditorium including the juries praised him for his talent. “I already got several chances to enter into the bollywood but due to some issues I couldn’t make it to the bollywood,” he said.

Another constant, Ayaan Shah said that the auditions being held here would expose the hidden talent among the Kashmiri youth.

“We are very happy that such events took part in the Valley so that the youth like me could achieve their goal,” he said.

Producer of the event, Piyush Chawal, told Kashmir Vision that the auditions were held to expose the hidden talent of the Kashmiri youth.

“We have learnt that the Kashmiri youth have hidden talent. The auditions at the held for the Kashmir youth has provided them a chance to expose their talent,” he said.

Chawal said that at least 150 youth had filled their forms but only 40 contestants came on the set for the auditions. 

“We have to choose 27 contestants for our show across the world. We hope that some 2-3 would be from Kashmir,” he said.


Contestants leave venue as organizers seek fee

Srinagar: Over 100 contestants left the venue of auditions after they were asked to pay fee for the tests. The auditions were being held for the reality show ‘Date to Remember’.

The lawn of Information department was almost filled with the contestants, talking to the organizers about the event.

One by one, the youth started leaving the venue, terming the audition as a move to ‘mint money’ from the Kashmiris.

The youth while talking to Kashmir Vision said that they are being asked to pay Rs 500 to participate in the auditions. “The amount as per the organizers was Rs 1500 but now they are asking to us to pay only Rs 500 for it,” Ayaan Shah, a contestant said.

Other contestants present there said that they have never seen any auditions in which the participants are being asked to participate in it by paying money. “It is the first time, we have seen some people who are calling us for auditions and are minting money,” they said.

They said that the juries and the organizers have come to befool the Kashmiri youth by playing such tricks.

“Even we were not informed that the auditions are being conducted here today are for the reality show,” they said, adding that the organizers have come for time-pass.

Organizers said that at least 150 contestants filled their forms since the morning.

However, they claimed that most of them left the venue for unknown reasons.

Producer of the event, Piyush Chawal informed Kashmir Vision that the forms of 150 contestants came to them but around 40 participants gave their auditions.





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