Interlocutor meets delegations in Jammu


Jammu: Dineshwar Sharma, the special representative appointed by the Union Government to carry on the dialogue process with various stake holders in the state met several delegations including representatives of several migrant Kashmiri Pandit organizations and Jammu Chamber of Commerce here on Friday.

The trade body led by Rakesh Gupta along with other office bearers had discussions regarding the prevailing situation in the state and suggested many corrective measures to be taken by way of submitting a detailed memorandum to the interlocutor.

According to the memorandum, the JCC sought deportation of Rohingyas from Jammu.

“In the light of the case being pending before the Supreme Court of India we suggest that these illegal immigrants be identified in our state and be confined at a specific area and not be allowed to penetrate in interiors as they can be a major source of communal provocation and a great threat to the national security,” the memorandum said.

The JCC sought enforcement of laws relating to the use of PI systems at all religious places which according to the JCC members are major source of trouble and may lead to communal provocation.

The JCC said that underprivileged people in our state neither have any representation in political dialogues and empowerment and it may not be out of place to mention that these underprivileged people feel and have confined themselves in a so-called victimized shell.

“We strongly feel that such people be engaged in the dialogues at different level and we strongly recommend that they be provided with free supply of smart phones so that they can get connected to the rest of the world to speak out their hearts and  also get themselves enlightened about what is happening in the outside world,” a statement from the Chamber said.

The organization also reminded the interlocutor that the unemployment is a big issue which has resulted in misdirecting the youth of the state and asked the representative to help in the establishment of some mother industries and BPOs in the state, particularly in a “peaceful region of Jammu”.

The JCC also discussed the ‘plight of West Pakistan Refugees with the interlocutor’.

The JCC statement said that it demanded a township be created at an appropriate place on the same pattern as done in case of Kashmiri Pandit Migrants.

The chamber sought development of Tourist spots in Jammu region on fast track basis with a special focus on BSF Parade at Suchetgarh border on the pattern of Waga on urgent basis.

The Chamber also sought the announcement of Panchayat and Local body elections and facilitation of intra region meetings of youth.

The JCC members reminded the interlocutor that there should be a consistent policy for peace and development of the state.

“The recommendations of the interlocutors or working groups should not be just pieces of paper but treated as aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and effective steps be taken to address them,” the statement said.

 Meanwhile, the Pandit delegation which met Dineshwar Sharma was led by BJP legislator G L Raina and included leaders from All India Kashmiri Samaj, All India Kashmir Pandit Conference, Jammu and Kashmir National Front, Vichar Manch and Zeishtadevi Prabandik Committee.

According to the reports, the Pandit community representative sought the setting up of an institutional mechanism for the welfare of the community.

“The displaced Kashmiri Pandits are the biggest stakeholders in their rehabilitation in Kashmir. Therefore, it is they who should have the maximum say in deciding modalities of return and the methodology,” the KP representatives said in a joint memorandum submitted to Sharma.


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