PSAK alleges ‘undue’ official intervention in school


Srinagar:  Private Schools Association of Kashmir (PSAK) Monday condemned the unnecessary raid conducted by ADC Pulwama on the premises of renowned private school ‘Dolphin International School’.

The Association as per the statement issued here called on the government not to treat educational institutes on the lines of commercial establishments and follow some rules in this regard.

“Educational institutes are second homes for students where they are given education and training in personal development. But unfortunately every now and then officials who have nothing to do with education intervene in the functioning of these institutes,” said G N Var president PSAK, adding that “this is done by some officials to settle their personal scores, exhibit power or some other reasons.”

The association said that the government should come out with standard operating procedure to deal with any kind of complaints against private schools.

“We are not against accountability but it should be according to rules. People related with education sector should visit and inspect the schools for redressal for any kind of problem,” said Var.

“It is not that everybody who has got some power would come visiting the schools,” he added.

The association said that the ADC Pulwama unnecessarily raided the Dolphin International School on the pretext of checking school book distribution.

The statement added that the ADC accompanied by lower rung staff raided the school in most unprofessional way and behaved rudely with staff including the female teachers.

It added said that the raid was illegal and unwarranted and particularly when the Principal was not present in the school and the lower staff with the team behaved in most uncivilized manner.

“We welcome any checks and balances, but it should be done by district or zonal educational officers and taking into confidence the school administration,” said Var.

The Association appealed the Chief Minister, Education Minister and Secretary Education to issue guidelines for inspecting any educational institute.

“The educational institutes should be treated differently than normal commercial establishments and government should come out with rules for it,” said Var.

“These officials never raid any government school in spite of them having millions of reasons to do so in the name of quality, teacher absenteeism and so on. But they raid only private schools who impart quality education to students,” Var added.

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