Interlocutor will talk to all, including Hurriyat, says Ram Madhav

 New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Kashmir in-charge Ram Madhav has said the recently-appointed government of India’s interlocutor in Kashmir will talk to all stakeholders who are willing to come forward.

 In an interview Madhav said, “If Hurriyat wants to come forward and talk to the interlocutor, I am sure he will be open to that.”

Responding to the opposition charges, Madhav said there was no U-turn in Narendra Modi government’s Kashmir policy.

“We have been consistent. Tackling Kashmir insurgency calls for a multi-pronged approach. So different activities will be taken up simultaneously. And one of them is to tackle the terrorists through a strong military action,” he said.

 BJP’s national general secretary said the government will continue to take tough action against those indulging in anti-India activities.

 “Whoever is indulging in anti-national activities… whether in the form of terrorism or promoting it or supporting it, will continue to face the heat,” he said.

 Madhav also blamed erstwhile Congress governments for Kashmir turmoil.

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