JeT Airways flight develops technical snag, diverted to Delhi


Srinagar: A Jet Airways flight bound to Srinagar was reverted back to New Delhi after it developed some technical snag mid-air, reports said.

According to the reports, Jet Airways flight 9W 0601 had to return back to Delhi after it developed mid-air snag around Srinagar Airport.

The New Delhi-Srinagar flight which was scheduled to depart at 10:35 am from New Delhi developed a technical problem while it was about to land at the airport here around 11:55 am, reports said without disclosing the details of the snag.

Meanwhile, the plane was forced to travel back to the Delhi airport with all the passengers.

However, the plane travelled back to Srinagar after five hours delay.

“The plane developed a technical snag midway in air when it was about to land at Srinagar Airport,” Sharad Kumar, an AAI official said.

The official said that, later, the plane took off from New Delhi at 3:24 pm and landed in Srinagar at 4:56pm with all the passengers safely.




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