Celebrating Oct 27 like Diwali will serve no purpose: Er Rasheed

Srinagar: Appealing BJP leadership to introspect that why even after 70 years Indian Army has not been able to find a place in the hearts and minds of majority community, Awami Itehaad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate, Engineer Abdul Rasheed Thursday said that celebrating Oct 27 in Jammu by claiming it to be a day ‘as significant as Diwali’ will serve no purpose.

In a statement issued here, Er Rasheed said, “Despite the fact that there are enormous beauties in the Indian state, it is a harsh reality that in Jammu and Kashmir these beauties have very little takers. New Delhi has miserably failed to transform its contributions into positive dividends and main reason for New Delhi’s failure has been the huge trust deficit between New Delhi had Kashmiri leadership.”

He said that New Delhi never trusted Kashmiris and their genuine leadership, which resulted in even every good step of New Delhi going into waste in Jammu and Kashmir.

“New Delhi has treated Kashmiris like baggers and rather trying to reconcile with them often preferred to suppress their voice. It is high time for New Delhi to analyze why it couldn’t prepare itself for the possible plebiscite despite claiming people of Jammu & Kashmir its own people and doing everything for them,” he said.

Er Rasheed added those comparing Oct 27, the day when Indian Army landed in J&K with Diwali should answer that why the majority of the people in the state are celebrating 27th Oct as the black day.

He added that by giving 27th Oct a religious color, BJP has unfortunately tried to communalize the Kashmir issue, which otherwise is purely a political issue.


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