Shahid arrested to pressurise our father, says Salahuddin’s family

Srinagar: The family of UJC chief Syed Salahuddin today issued a statement after his son Shahid Yousuf was arrested by NIA in New Delhi on Tuesday.

The statement said, “This is in reference to the arrest of Syed Shahid Yousuf, son of Syed Salahuddin by the NIA in New Delhi. We want to state that this is the age old tactic by the Delhi govt to harass the family and to defame our father. This is an attempt to pressurize our father into submission by Delhi. We are peace loving people and want the issue to be settled through meaningful dialogue. We further want to state that we have never been involved in any terror funding activities in the state, and our record during past 28 years is crystal clear and can be verified by the police and CID. Our brother Shahid Yousuf is a peaceful citizen, and NIA has incriminated him in absolutely fake charges of terror funding to pressurise our father. Our right to live peacefully is being snatched by State & central Govt.”

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