Stop harassing militant families, NC tells government

Kulgam: Appealing government to stop raiding the houses of militants, National Conference (NC) Monday said that these actions have not only created fear psychosis among political leaders and workers in South Kashmir but also local policemen are feeling scared to visit their houses.

 “If I have committed a crime, why are you targeting my family? The raids on the houses of militants should stop as they have started reacting and are targeting the local police men and political workers. Ransacking of militant houses should stop immediately,” NC legislator from South Kashmir Abdul Majid Larmi said, adding that to every action and there is an equal and opposite reaction.

      “It’s better to start counseling the families of militants than to harass them. Love begets love and any force will invite the wrath of militants. We are all scared and feel insecure in our houses. From past couple of days the houses of political workers are being attacked and raided. This has been happening due to wrong policies of the government,” Larmi said.

      He expressed anguish over the ransacking of houses of militants and said that these raids and attacks should stop immediately. “Leave aside political workers, even policemen in South Kashmir are feeling insecure and are reluctant to visit their houses. If such situation persists, it will only lead to chaos and confusion,” the NC legislator said.

    Pertinently, videos have gone viral on social networking sites showing Hizb-ul-Mujhahideen militants warning PDP workers of dire consequences if forces “don’t stop ransacking our houses and harassing our families.”

    Larmi alleged that instead of resolving the Kashmir issue, government of India has been playing games to instill fear among people of Kashmir. “Kashmir is a political issue that needs to be resolved,” he said.


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