Low cost books attract higher number of readers


Srinagar:  With book reading culture gaining foot in Kashmir once again, Delhi based online book stores are gaining much popularity among youth who are frequently visiting these online stores, ordering books of their interest at considerably low prices.

Book stores like Bookthela.com and Bookchor.com are gaining popularity in Kashmir given the fact that these stores provide a larger choice for the reader to pick and choose any book, plus on time delivery at doorsteps, with minimum shipping charges.

Asif Nazir, a student, who frequently visits these two online bookstores said that he has found it exciting to see that books that usually cost Rs 500-700 are available for sale for not more than Rs 150.

“When I first came to know about these online book stores, it was impossible for me to believe, as I usually used to spend huge sums on buying books, but then it was a reality, they were selling books on low costs,” he said, adding that he keeps on checking the stores for latest additions.

Arif, is not the only who has developed an addiction to continuously check the websites of these bookstores, many others have also made it a point to keep on surfing for latest books at the store.

“Whenever I go to the website and find any interesting book on sale, I end up buying 4-5 books at a time, and it feels good,” said Bilal Ahmad, who is also a student.

Pertinently, ‘Book Thela’ was started with the aim of uniting all the book freaks with their favourite books but at the most nominal prices. The project has succeeded. With books starting at just Rs 49, one can find multiple genres all in the same place.

From British Literature, self-help books written by celebs to exam books needed for preparing for the examinations, these new age book stores offer everything.

What is more interesting is that on these book stores there is an option that if one wants a book of their choice, which is not available at that point of time, they can even arrange it, the only thing that one is supposed to do is to request that particular book by giving required information such as author’s name and ISBN number, said another student who prefers to buy books from these online stores.

Apart from arranging particular book, another book store, Book Chor is providing with an option where one can sell the old/used books for good prices.

Interestingly, start-ups like Bookchor.com and Pustakkosh.com allow one to access their libraries of used books. The advantage that consumers get with this is that it often gives them the chance to find an old book that might not be available otherwise.

Teachers and academicians in Kashmir are seeing the move in a positive direction saying that the availability of books that too on lower prices is adding to the curiosity to read more and more. In addition, it is also motivating people to maintain their personal libraries, which, as per them, is a positive sign that the society’s youth are moving on a constructive path.

“Such bookstores are making those who are reading, to read more and more, and those who are having a little spark of love for reading, are more motivated to read,” said Waseem Raja, a teacher by profession.



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