KSCDS stages protest against braid chopping incidents

Srinagar: Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies (KSCDS) Thursday organized a protest against braid chopping here in Srinagar city on Thursday.

      The protest was attended by cross section of society including civil society members, lawyers and traders even as the Chairperson KSCDS Hameedah Nayeem had been put under house arrest.

    The protesters expressed anguish over the unabated incidents of braid chopping and said that it is an attack on the honour and dignity of Kashmir women.

     “We took a pledge to protect our women folk. They are not so helpless and we can protest them. The fingers of suspicion so far are raised against the present dispensation and their agencies. So it is their responsibility to clear the doubts and prove it otherwise. Unfortunately, the government is in deep slumber,” they said.

      They said a wave of shock and anger is brewing among people and if the government doesn’t act, it will have serious ramifications. “The irony is that government is not recognizing the reality and instead some of the members from dispensation have come up with absurd statements implying that the victims are nutty. This is unacceptable,” they said.

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