Braid chopping aimed to create fear psychosis among Kashmiris: Malik 

Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik Tuesday condemned the continuing assaults on ‘chastity’ of Kashmiri women and growing acts of braid chopping.

According to the statement issued here, Malik said that these attacks are intended to create fear psychosis among Kashmiris and make lives of Kashmiris more vulnerable.

“The perpetuators of these cowardly acts should remember that Kashmiris can never be bogged down by these kinds of condemnable acts,” he said.

Terming the inability of rulers and the police from even identifying culprits behind these cowardly acts as surprising, Malik said that police and other forces are very swift while dealing with peaceful protests and protesters and show brutal haste while identifying people, organizations and abettors behind any happenings even before the actual occurrence of that act and are very swift while putting teen-age protesters in jails under the garb of stone pelting, seem clueless about the attacks on the chastity of Kashmiri women which are happening at a very high speed and almost everywhere.

He said that hundreds of braid cutting incidents have been reported throughout Kashmir however, police has maintained criminal silence on all these ugly incidents but two or three false reports from here and there have got quick police response threatening common people instead of the culprits.

Malik said that conspiratorial attitude of police and failure in indentifying and arresting the culprits of braid chopping are raising many questions and so are the reported rescue operation by Indian forces at many places for saving the alleged braid cutters are making all this a very suspicious game.

He said that attacking women and chopping their braids is actually a ploy to threaten Kashmiris and make their lives more and more vulnerable. “Enemies of Freedom, humanity and human values, want to create a fear psychosis among common masses in Kashmir but we want to tell these enemies that Kashmiris in past have successfully dealt with similar kinds of intimidations and will defeat these wicked designs this time too,” he said.

Appealing people to remain vigilant, united and resilient against these growing attacks on women and refrain from hurting innocents during this vigilantism, JKLF chief said that “this a plot of enemy to defeat us psychologically and we all with our unity and community based vigil will have to defeat these ugly designs.”

He said that “while safeguarding our households and neighborhood we will have to show magnanimity and refrain from harming innocents. We have to remain vigilant against braid choppers, but at the same time we will have to make distinction between culprits and innocents and keep away from inflicting harm to any innocent.”   

Meanwhile, JKLF paid tributes to recent martyrs including Zahid Ahmad, Irfan Abdullah, Asif of Pulwama and Kahlid of Baramullah who embraced martyrdom at Shupian and Rafiabad yesterday.

A JKLF delegation comprising of District president Javed Ahmad Butt and Tariq Ahmad visited the bereaved families of these martyrs and expressed solidarity with them.

While paying tributes to these martyrs, JKLF leaders said that the sacrifices of these great martyrs will never go in vain and resistance movement nourished by the sacred blood of these martyrs will be taken to its desired goal.

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