Teacher student relationship falling apart, says Minister

Srinagar: Minister for education, Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari on Thursday underlined the need to introspect over the missing relationship between the students and teachers in the contemporary world.

The minister was speaking at the International Teachers Day function organized by Private School Association Kashmir (PSAK) at SKICC.

“Teachers should bridge the relationship gap with students. We should also analyze the difference between teachers of yesteryear and teachers of today. You are more hardworking and more knowledgeable but your relationship with the students is missing between the duo,” Bukhari said.

He said the student teacher relationship has become more mechanical in the contemporary world.

“These days the relation between students and teacher remains confined to smart board or black board wherein former delivers a lecture and leaves. Same is the case in private coaching centres,” he said.

He however, dared if anyone would disrespect the teachers working in government and private sector of the J&K state.

“I will revolt if anyone dared to disrespect the teachers,” he said.

The education minister also hailed the contribution of teachers in the present social setup saying that they have been assigned the role of parenting as well.

“In today’s world, both the parents are working and the role of parenting is also assigned to a teacher. You are the real parents,” he said.

The minister in his address complimented the PSAK for their contribution in imparting education to a major chunk of society saying that the private sector caters to the around 80 percent areas in cities and towns.

“Government schools do not cater in cities and towns but we cover almost all rural areas,” he said.

The minister also asked the PSAK to setup an in-house mechanism to resolve the teacher issues.

“Association should set up an in-house mechanism to solve in-house problem of teachers and the sector,” he said.

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