Police used teargas shelling on Anganwari workers in Srinagar

Srinagar: Police today used teargas shelling and cane charges on Anganwari workers outside civil secretariat. The workers were protesting against the government for miserably failing to look into their issues.

They were demanding to increase the monthly honorarium upto Rs 14000 per month.

 The protesters said that the government has miserably failed to look into the issues pertaining to the Anganwadi workers, who are working are serving the department on a meager amount.

 They said that the government has ignored the Anganwadi workers time and again.

“We are serving the department with dedication and honesty but the government is turning a blind eye towards our plights,” they said, adding that the government should have increased the monthly honorarium of the workers upto Rs 14000 per month.

The workers have been on the protest for last three weeks in the city centre of Lal chowk.

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