NC lashes out at Govt over braid chopping  


National Conference General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar Wednesday condemned the continuous spate of braid chopping incidents happening throughout the valley. 


In a statement issued form party headquarters, Sagar said: “Present government seems to have completely lost the grip on how to tackle this crisis. Numerous cases of braid chopping  are being reported from South Kashmir but not a single arrest has made. Now such incidents have started to happen in Srinagar as well and still this government seems unmoved.”


“The mass hysteria has gripped the whole state and its really frustrating as to how government is not able to identify and arrest  those responsible for the mayhem. They have men and machinery at their disposal but unfortunately government is still clueless,” he said. “The honor of our daughters and mothers is supreme to us and that there should not be any compromise with it.” 


“PDP BJP government need to understand that the state is still grappling with the fallout of the previous year. The economic condition of our people is devastated to say the least.  And if such situation continues where our women folk now fear to tread outside, then only God can save us,” he added.


He said that that the government should be proactive and immediately constitute a fact finding team who will ascertain all the facts behind the braid chopping incidents.


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