PDP facilitating ‘fascist designs’ of BJP, RSS: Geelani

Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Monday said that the people in Jammu and Kashmir have no confusion regarding the ‘secret agenda’ between BJP and RSS, saying that PDP is facilitating and promoting their ‘fascist designs’.

Lashing out at coalition regime for their ‘sinister designs’, Geelani according to a statement issued here said that executing the secret deal promulgated by BJP and RSS, is very sensitive and serious issue as PDP is being portrayed as plausible while actually under well thought out plan, their national agenda is on cards.

Terming the folly as ‘a part of their Chankaiyan tactics’, Geelani said that undermining the core realities will prove disastrous.

“The self-styled Deputy Chief Minister has disagreed and contrary to their claims disclosed that complete integration of state with union is their national agenda. We have no misconception about their agenda, however, it is local stooges that are being utilised to implement their agenda and PDP is playing the key role,” Geelani said.

Geelani cautioned people about the follies being played and added that “for the mean interests, these shameless elements are bartering to get into power corridors and under the disguise of so-called development, they even agreed to do away the Muslim majority status of the state.”

The separatist leader emphasized the need for strengthening right to self-determination movement at all levels and said that despite their political pressure and military power, “our peaceful political struggle can’t be sacked, however local pro-Indian political parties can prove more venomous and dangerous than enemies,” he said.

Appealing people to reject and remain cautious about these elements, Geelani said that people in state are oppressed human beings and they see how nations were freed from oppression and suppression. “Hence, despite all its military might, India can no more deny our legitimate political rights,” he said.

Referring to statement of Mohan Bhagwat and Dy CM, Geelani  said that their assertion about the complete integration of state with Indian union, serve an eye opener for puppet chief minister and called people to stand firm with cause and stay away from all these pro-Indian parties.

Ridiculing the statement of police chief and while commenting over the continuous incidents of braid chopping, Geelani said that culprits are roaming free despite presence of armed forces, CRPF, BSF, STF, armies and police personnel.

Condemning the statement of police chief wherein he has accused pro-freedom quarters, Geelani said that it is like ‘’pot calling the kettle black’’ and a deliberate attempt to cover their failure.

“The attack on dignity of women folk is unbearable and no sane person can ever tolerate this inhuman act,” he said.










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