Sacrifice of Imam I Hussain (RA), a glorious page of Islamic history: Malik 

Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik Thursday addressed mourners at Hasanabad Rainawari.

According to the statement issued here, JKLF spokesman said that Malik earlier reached Hassanabad where he attended Majlis i Hussaini.

In his address, Malik said that “Martydom of Imam-I-Hussein and his companions at Karbala mark a distinction between truth and falsehood and this day teaches us an ultimate lesion that in the lasting battle between truth and false, oppressor and the oppressed, the last triumph always belong to the oppressed and truth.”

He said that in Karbala, beloved of last messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him), Imam I Hussain (RA) and his companions, despite persecution, hunger, thirst and cruelty, resisted the forces of tyranny and oppression and refused to bow before them.

“This is the main lesson of Karbala that despite all hardships true follower of Imam I Hussain (RA) should never bow before tyrants and should never ever side with those who are oppressors or support subjugation,” Malik said.

Malik said that Imam I Hussain (RA) and his companions endeavored hardships but never complained of being less in number or weak. “Without compromising or surrendering before tyrants chose martyrdom and hence wrote a new lesson of bravery and faithfulness,” he added.

He said that Imam I Aali Muqam had two roads ahead of him. “One was to cooperate and accept the hegemony of falsehood and save his life and the other way was to remain steadfast, challenge the untruth and sacrifice himself and the his sacred family. Imam (RA) chose the way of prophets, sacrificed his life and his family and thus became a symbol of resistance and truth for all times and generations to come,” he said.

Malik said that the resistance in Jammu Kashmir, Palestine, Myanmar and many other places are also continuation of Karbala as oppressed people of these regions are resisting the forces of evil, tyranny and oppression from a long time.

He said that Shumar and Ibn Ziyad like forces are even now operating with impunity. “These forces are killing, caging and humiliating humans shamelessly and main objective of these forces is to suppress freedom of humans, suppress their voices and promote subjugation and slavery,” he said.

Malik said that last 70 years of illegal occupation have turned Jammu Kashmir into a hell. More than one lakh humans have been killed here, lakhs have been injured, property worth hundreds of crores has been destroyed, thousands have been killed in custody and thousands are absconding and thousands of unmarked graves and other signs of inhumanity are glaring examples of this aggression, he said.

“Blinding humans by Pellet guns, killing, mutilating and even taking Selfie’s with dead bodies also shows the inhuman attitude of Indian occupation and all this actually relates our struggle with Karbala,” Malik said.

He said that in battle between truth and falsehood, oppression and resistance, history stands a witness that tyranny gets defeat even after winning a battle and truth lives long even after being suppressed in a worldly battle.

JKLF chief said that “Ashoora and Karbala teach us the lesson of steadfastness and siding with the oppressed and if today we in reality want to follow Imam I Aali Muqam (RA) we all will have to adhere to these principles and lessons.”

Emphasizing over the need of unity among Muslims, Malik said that “our Allah is one, our prophet (SAW) is one, Kaaba and Kalma are also same. If we all accept and adhere to these basics, how can we be enemies or even adversaries to one another.”

“By calling for unity among Muslims, we are not suggesting that anyone among us should do away with his or her creed or interpretation but following ones creed and interpretation should not also mean that we consider or name others as ignorant, Kafir or Jahil,” he said.

Meanwhile, Malik was today stopped from entering the residence of senior resistance leader Syed Ali shah Geelani at Hyderpora where he was scheduled to attend a seminar on Ashoora.

JKLF condemned this ‘undemocratic attitude’ of rulers and police highhandedness.

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