Riyaz Naikoo describes allegation against Zakir Musa as baseless

After five mask-clad gunmen claiming to be Hizb militants called Gazwat ul Hind Ansar commander Zakir Musa a traitor, a new audio clip of Riyaz Naikoo is doing rounds on internet which calls allegations against Musa as baseless.

Riyaz Naiko, commander of Hizbull Mujahideen, described allegations against Zakir Musa as baseless.

“They want us to fight against eachother” Naikoo is heard saying. He also added that “Musa brother is not a traitor. We all have the same goal and even today we all are firm on it.”

He told, the video that had been published on Youtube in the name of Hizb ul Mujhaideen against Zakir Musa may be a handiwork of  Indian agencies.

He appealed that such posters and videos of social media should not be believed as it could be a trick to divide us by Indian agencies.

He asked people to not give money to any gunman in their name because now ordinary people also get guns easily.

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