PHE supplies ‘contaminated’ water to Anantnag villages

Accusing the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department for ignoring their plights, the residents of several villages in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district here have demanded immediate redressal of their grievances.

The residents of Shangus, Wangam, Khundroo and other villages told ‘Kashmir Vision’ that they are being forced to drink unfiltered and contaminated water, which poses a grave risk to their health.

Interestingly, the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department, despite the persistent requests of the people, has come up with only a superficial remedy.

According to the sources, the Shangus water supply facility caters to Shangus, Wangam khundroo and other villages.

The locals say that the facility (two water storage tanks) were constructed many years ago, which distributed the water of a Nallah to these villages.

“The water tanks are now broken and the Nallah has been turned into a gutter,” Shakir Ahmad, a resident of Nowgam told ‘Kashmir Vision’.

People say that they have been drinking the same water for many years now which is muddy and not fit for human use.

“We have been living with infections and frequent ailments,” said Nazir Ahmad, a shopkeeper from Wangam area.

He said the PHE has been consistently made aware of the situation of the supply facility and how contaminated the water supply has become. However, the department never paid heed to the people’s pleas.

The people blame PHE for not conveying their concerns properly to the higher authorities.

“We need a filtration mechanism here which the Nowgam water supply is lacking from last five years, the locals say.

Despite repeated attempts concerned the concerned Executive Engineer was not available to comment on the issue.

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