Over 100 undertake trekking to Tulain, Sourse lakes

The Department of Tourism and Jammu & Kashmir Mountaineering and Hiking Club (JKMHC) Sunday organized a trek to Sourse Lake at Pahalgam.

Some 40 JKMHC members trekked to the Lake lying at an altitude 3750 meters above the sea level.

The trek to Sourse Lake follows a trek to Tulain Lake, lying at an altitude of 3684 meters above sea level, here on previous Sunday in which some 60 JKMHC members took part.

Pertinently, the Department of Tourism Kashmir conducts Sunday treks to inculcate the spirit of mountaineering and hiking among the local youth and bring about awareness about mountain trails and high-altitude lakes.

Speaking on the occasion, Director Tourism Kashmir, Mahmood A Shah, said the exercise is part of the Department’s commitment to promote adventure tourism in Kashmir as well as help the local youth in adventure activities.

“Kashmir has many trekking trails for which hikers from across the world visit this place. However, those trekkers need local guides and we are training our youth through such treks on regular basis,” he said.

The Directors also said Kashmir has famous high-altitude lakes which also need to be promoted and that the Department is targeting locals to explore the same, adding the latter will help them earn a decent livelihood by guiding non-local especially foreign trekkers. He said the Department has all the necessary equipment and gear for trekking expeditions.

The Department of Tourism has also published comprehensive trekking maps showing all the trekking routes.




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