Editorial : Capitalizing the visit 

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh spent two days in Kashmir and half of his four day visit ended with the culmination of his tour to the Valley. The Union HM left for Jammu where he is scheduled to meet a cross section of people.

Before leaving for Jammu, Singh had a detailed press briefing here where he put forth various suggestions for seeking a resolution of the vexed Kashmir issue.

He suggested five-Cs- Compassion, Communication, Coexistence, Confidence building and Consistency — for attaining a permanent solution of Kashmir issue.

Since a lot of speculation was made here as the Union Minister had during the past weeks issued many statements on Kashmir, where he had stated that the solution to this problem will be found till 2022.

According to Rajnath Singh the five-Cs should be implemented for the permanent solution. However, he yet again did not elaborate as to how the five C’s formula will help resolve the issue. Rajnath who is on his fifth visit to the state in the last one year’s felt that the situation in Kashmir has improved.

But the moot question remains, as to what is the outcome of the visit. Is the visit just an addition to the rhetoric that the ruling party has been putting forth on Kashmir. If the answer to this question is in negative then what made the Peoples Democratic party cancel the mega rally they had planned on the eve of the Union Ministers arrival in Srinagar.

The PDP which was made to believe that the Union Minister will make some mega announcements like initiation of talks with Pakistan, start of a dialogue process with the separatists and other measures that need to be taken to ease out the situation in Kashmir and initiation of a dialogue process to resolve the Kashmir issue, felt that nothing of that sort is going to happen.

The PDP leadership was made to cancel the rally so that they could not lead themselves into a awkward position.   

The Union Government it seems is once again missing the core point. The issues in Kashmir are being ignored once again. The Union government is not trying to rope in Pakistan as it is not making any move to break the thaw that has crept into the relations between the two countries.

The nature of relations between the two countries is that the two are not interested even in breaking the ice to make an eye-to-eye contact.

It is well understood that contentious issues such as Kashmir can never be a beginning of a resumed dialogue process. That is probably the fact that both the countries have realized. Surely there cannot be permanent peace without resolving Kashmir. But the process needs to be initiated on the terms of mutual interests and the constituencies the leadership of both the countries have to address. 

Besides, the Union government needs to address the sentiments in the Kashmir Valley. For that the governments statements of announcing formulae’s need to be initiated on ground. And involving the separatist leadership at this juncture can help in achieving a breakthrough.  


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